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Over time, many restaurants have focused their operations on the front of house. Customers are #1. As consumers shift into the digital realm and Gen Z, the digital-native generation, pushes for ordering ahead and ordering delivery, the playing field is shifting for restaurants. It’s more important now than ever to focus on the customer and to build a brand that is remarkable and operates where the customer is. But at what cost? Some tech advances, including third-party delivery, has high fees associated with it. Also, the same technology is causing headaches for restaurant owners in the way of added complexity.

Help with restaurant technology, third-party delivery services

Restaurants may be working with more technology than ever before. A few things have happened. Adding several third-party providers to a restaurant’s ordering-taking process is something that can complicate things. Restaurants that don’t consolidate this into the POS using readily-available technology will have many headaches. An example of this restaurants taking third-party orders with several tablets and asking team members to field those orders during a busy lunch rush.

When inventory systems are implemented, restaurants are often tasked to produce valid recipes and recipe costs to enter into new systems. That’s another reason to have a sound basis for restaurant recipe costing and to have accurate costs available.

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Now more than ever, technology is advancing restaurant initiatives, but also adds another layer of complexity. If you need help with new technology projects, need a way to assess new restaurant purchases or additional support in project management, arel7 restaurant consulting is there for you. Ask about our profit optimization program, in which we review all store expenses and can provide new ways to increase profits.

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