arel7: core costs

With margins being so tight, managing cost of sales has become critical for restaurants; but more often than not, a restaurant can manage itself out of business by developing a "cost-cutting" philosophy. Business owners can plan for growth while sourcing the best ingredients for their concept at the right price and hiring and scheduling staff as appropriate. arel7 can help maximize costs in these ways:
Food and menu costing
Menu engineering
Inventory best practices
Training support and materials
Profit optimization
Vendor relations


Understanding food cost and optimal pricing strategies is essential to the business of restaurants. arel7 helps restaurant owners with a variety of food costing and menu engineering services so they can improve their profitability.

menu engineering

Once restaurant owners have updated food costing, they can work on increasing the profitability of their menu through various strategies. Additionally, quick-service restaurants with grab-and-go setups can better place and merchandise product.

Let arel7 restaurant consulting help you improve your gross profit.