arel7 frequently asked questions

What services does arel7 consulting provide?

arel7 consulting is divided into two groups: arel7 restaurant consulting and arel7 studio team. arel7 restaurant consulting provides strategy, food costing, menu engineering and marketing solutions to restaurants in the Washington, DC area and nationally studio team is a creative, content studio for business. studio team provides ultra, high-definition video production, video marketing and custom media solutions to business.

What results has arel7 restaurant consulting seen through its programs?

Typically, restaurants that commission a full recipe costing program can improve their cost of goods margins by 2 to 3 points of sales. This is derived by a combination of recipe costing, vendor relations and pricing reviews. In some cases, restaurant owners may tweak recipes as a result of our analysis; in other cases, pricing analyses may lead to pricing adjustments and new pricing on menu items. Through our partner, marketing clients have seen comp sale growth of 8 percent to 10 percent.

What services does studio team provide?

studio team provides ultra, high-definition video production, video marketing and custom media solutions. studio's creative custom content for business can generate content, marketing materials and full-length magazines for companies that are interested in expanding their content programs. Content programs can engage current customers, attract new prospects and turn a website into a resource and destination.

What marketing services does arel7 restaurant consulting provide?

Through its partner, arel7 restaurant consulting provides Wi-Fi marketing, email marketing, reputation management and loyalty programs for restaurants. Through our studio team, we also provide video production and marketing to give your restaurant the edge. Contact us at for additional information.

What restaurant consulting services does arel7 provide in Greater Washington, DC?

arel7 restaurant consulting provides an enhanced portfolio of solutions and services in the Washington, DC area. Restaurants can view the list here.